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A Higher Standard of Wealth Management

Not all financial advisors are accountable to you, but we are. Learn how our GIPS© compliant investment management plus comprehensive financial planning provides a better way to build and protect your wealth.
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Fully Accountable to You

You pay your financial advisor to manage your money. Don’t you deserve to know how good they are at it?

Sounds simple, but the vast majority of advisors don’t share their long-term investment returns. Instead, most invest your money passively and your portfolio tends to rise and fall with the general market.

At Arroyo, we don’t agree with this approach. You deserve investment management that keeps your money working for you through all markets and economic cycles. When you’re paying a professional, you shouldn’t have to “ride it out” or wait years for your savings to recover.  And you need to be kept fully informed.  That’s why at Arroyo, we provide GIPS® compliant reporting.  This way you always know how good a job we are doing for you.

Why We’re Different

Active investment management

High-performance investment management to control risk and help you achieve your goals


Full-service financial planning and ongoing support to save you time and help organize your financial life


GIPS®-compliant investment reporting, so you have the information you need to evaluate our performance

The investment management industry shortchanges individuals by focusing on brands and emotions instead of the things that really matter to your financial future: transparency, low fees and consistently strong investment returns. We built Arroyo because we believe you deserve more.

~ John Odell, Co-Founder, Arroyo Investment Group

Did You Know?

Only about 1,700* firms in the entire world provide
GIPS® compliant investment reporting.

The vast majority of these firms work with corporations and institutions, who demand this information, not individuals.

At Arroyo, we believe we should be held accountable, so we voluntarily provide GIPS® compliant investment reporting. 

*per CFA Institute, as of Oct. 2023, https://www.gipsstandards.org/


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Why Choose Arroyo Investment Group?

Maximum Transparency

As financial advisors, we believe we are responsible to generate good investment returns for you. However, very few firms are willing to be transparent about their long-term performance record. We are, and in fact provide you with GIPS® compliant reporting, so you always know if we’re doing a good job for you.

On Your Side

We are a completely independent firm. We accept no commissions from the sale of products.

Our loyalty is only to you.

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Committed to Superior Results

We believe our job is to make your money work harder for you, as well as protect it so you can sleep soundly at night. So, we provide active management designed to produce gains in rising markets, but limit your losses in falling markets.

Full-Service for One All-Inclusive Fee

We provide full support to help with all aspects of your financial life, for one all-inclusive, reasonable fee. This way you can contact us anytime you need us, without worry of getting a surprise bill.

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