Financial Advisor John Odell, CFP® named Pasadena’s Face of Wealth Management

GIPS® Compliant Investment Cupcake

In its most recent issue, Pasadena Magazine has named John Odell, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and principal of Arroyo Investment Group, the face of wealth management for the Pasadena area.

Together with its sister firm, Capital Research + Consulting, John and his team oversee over $4 billion in assets.

While there are many excellent wealth managers in the City and surrounding Los Angeles Area, Arroyo Investment Group has one important difference:  GIPS® compliance.

GIPS® stands for Global Investment Performance Standards. GIPS® is a worldwide standard of reporting investment results created and maintained by the non-profit CFA Institute.  With GIPS® standards, you get the transparency you need to compare and evaluate financial advisors. Sadly, the vast majority of financial advisors don’t use these standards. In fact, only about 1,600 firms worldwide claim GIPS® compliance.  Of these firms, most serve corporations and institutions, not individuals.  (Learn more about GIPS® compliance and why it is important.)

GIPS® compliance allows Arroyo Investment Group to provide a higher level of transparency to its individual investor clients.  John says that one of his proudest moments is “seeing our GIPS® verified investment returns outperform their benchmarks with less risk.  In our business, that is nirvana.”

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