Our Track Record

As one of the few GIPS® compliant financial advisors that work with individuals, Arroyo consistently shares our independently-verified results. See our track record and learn more about performance reporting in this section.

You will find our most recently completed results here.  To learn more about GIPS® verification and how working with a GIPS® compliant financial advisor benefits you, please see the links below.


About GIPS-compliant reporting:

What are the GIPS® Standards?

Why GIPS® Compliance Matters for Investors


Arroyo’s Most Recent Reports:

Independent Accountant’s Verification Report

100/0 Composite

90/10 Composite

80/20 Composite

70/30 Composite

60/40 Composite

50/50 Composite

40/60 Composite

30/70 Composite

20/80 Composite

10/90 Composite

0/100 Composite

S&P 500 Composite

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