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Fully Transparent and Accountable to You

Why Arroyo

One common reason people leave their financial advisor is lack of consistent investment performance and reporting. We understand why….if you pay a professional to manage your money, shouldn’t they be able to document their track record?

Corporations and institutions expect that. That’s why they require their investment managers to be accountable for investment results and to use independently verified investment reporting. Strangely, this same level of transparency is rarely provided to individuals and families.

At Arroyo, we believe you deserve to know exactly how well your money is being managed at all times. So we provide you with the facts you need to monitor our performance: GIPS®-compliant independently verified performance results (learn more).

Arroyo is one of only about 1,600 firms of the hundreds of thousands of investment firms worldwide that hold ourselves accountable for the quality of advice we provide to our clients. The vast majority of these firms provide service only to corporations and institutions, but we believe this is also important for individuals and families.

We also realize that while investment results are important, other aspects of wealth management matter, too. Here’s more information to help you decide if Arroyo can help you on your path to financial security.

The investment management industry shortchanges individuals by focusing on brands and emotions instead of the things that really matter to your financial future: transparency, low fees and consistently strong investment returns. We built Arroyo because we believe you deserve more.

~ John Odell, Co-Founder, Arroyo Investment Group

Are We Right for You?

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I want an advisor who is truly transparent and committed to providing me with superior investment returns.

I am looking for a complete solution to managing my money for one all-inclusive fee.

I want an advisor who proactively manages risk, instead of just letting my investments fluctuate with the market.

I want an independent, fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firm free from conflicts of interest.

I want a full-service advisor who helps me and my family through all aspects of our financial lives.

Our Story

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Coming from traditional investment firm backgrounds, my co-founder and I saw that individuals and families did not get a fair shake in the investment world.

In the corporate world, advisors are required to meet the demands of institutions and larger corporations. They are held accountable for their investment performance and must report in a way that their clients can track their results.

This rarely happens in the personal wealth management sector. Instead, most financial advisors don’t even consistently disclose their investment performance in a standardized way. While investment performance isn’t the entire picture for management of your financial life, it is still a vital one.

At Arroyo Investment Group, we believe you deserve more. So we created a firm that provides you the same reporting provided to large institutions and corporations. We provide GIPS®-compliant, independently verified results, so you always know how good of a job we are doing for you. Combined with our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals on staff, we believe we provide a superior service to individuals and families.

Learn more about our investment strategies here.

Benefits to You

Proven Results and Clear Reporting

You deserve financial help that sets you up for a better future.

At Arroyo, we believe a verified measure of our investment performance is the first step in holding ourselves accountable for the advice we provide.

We are one of only about 1,600 firms worldwide* that employ GIPS® Compliant Reporting. Learn more about it here.

*current as of March 23, 2016, per CFA Institute report: https://blogs.cfainstitute.org/marketintegrity/2016/03/23/74-of-top-100-global-asset-management-firms-claim-gips-compliance/

Real Risk Management, for Your Peace of Mind

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During long bull markets, everyone looks like a hero. But your financial professional’s job is not just to help you gain in rising markets. Our real job is to help minimize your losses during normal market declines.

Sadly, not all financial advisors position their clients this way. In fact, in 2008, many people left their advisors after experiencing large losses along with the indexes. It was only then they found out their advisors were not adequately managing downside risk.

At Arroyo, we believe risk management is paramount. We work closely with you to determine how much risk you can afford to take, and how much you want to take, and we make sure your investments match this. As your life changes, your investments will be adjusted too.

This allows our clients to sleep more soundly at night.

Full Service for One All-Inclusive Fee

Wall Street may not stress this fact, but fees matter. Paying extra fees can make a significant dent in your portfolio over time. On the other hand, having access to full-service financial help can help you avoid emotional mistakes most investors make, increase your savings and make better decisions. At Arroyo, we provide full-service help to you, but for one reasonable, all-inclusive fee.

This fee covers all of our investment management, comprehensive financial planning, ongoing support and coordination with your other professionals. We also look at your entire financial situation, not just the assets we manage for you, to make sure you get true whole-life financial help.

Learn more about our services here.

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