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We’re proud to be one of the few investment advisors to individuals to voluntarily publish our verified track record. It shouldn’t be optional…you deserve to know!

-- Mike Haney, Arroyo Investment Group

High Performance Financial Advisory Services for Individuals and Families

At Arroyo Investment Group, we understand that entrusting your money to a financial advisor or investment manager is a big decision. Many people get great sales pitches up front, but later feel that they don’t know enough about how their money is invested. Or they don’t see the results promised.

This is very different than the corporate and institutional world where financial advisors are expected to provide superior returns, and provide independent verification of their results.

At Arroyo, we believe you deserve more:

Your financial advisor should achieve better returns than you could get on your own

You should be able to clearly measure their performance

So we bring that same institutional service level to individuals and families.

Of course, investment returns are not everything. The real reason you want good returns is to live the life that you really want.

So along with our investment management, we provide comprehensive financial planning by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional. And all the other support you need to feel in control of your money and your future.

At Arroyo, we provide it all for one competitive, all-inclusive fee.

We believe this provides individuals and families a level of service rarely delivered. We believe that our track record of serving clients for generations shows how well this system works.

Learn more about our services below.

Investment Management

Bringing the Best of Institutional Money Management to You


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Arroyo Investment Group levels the playing field by bringing sophisticated investment management and reporting usually only provided to large corporations and institutions, to you and your family.

Arroyo Investment Group is one of only about 1,600 firms worldwide* that provides GIPS® compliant, independently verified investment results to clients.  We’re in good company:  as of 2016, 85 of the top 100 global investment management firms complied with GIPS® standards too.  It’s no surprise, shouldn’t success be measurable?

When you’re looking for the best financial advisor to help you with your financial goals, what does this mean to you?

It allows you to compare apples to apples when evaluating investment performance.

It helps you see clearly if we’re doing a good job or not for you.

We provide this service as a fiduciary, fee-only advisor, free of conflicts of interest. We don’t accept outside fees or commissions in any form. Our only loyalty is to you.

Our Investment Policy


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To make sure your money is working as hard as it can for you, we employ a disciplined approach:

We work with you to thoroughly understand and define your goals, your needs, your responsibilities and your preferences.

We act as a direct money manager. We don’t outsource this critical function, like many advisory firms do.

We work with you to determine the best diversified, global portfolio that can help you achieve your goals.

We emphasize use of high-quality, low-cost mutual funds to minimize your expenses.

We actively negotiate discounts on mutual fund fees when possible to save you even more money.

We treat all of our clients the same. We don’t give preference to larger clients and allow them to trade first. We utilize strict protections so all of our clients are treated equally.

Keeping Watch on Your Money

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Peace of mind comes from knowing your money is being taken care of in the manner you expect. Instead of just passively holding the same funds through the market’s ups and downs, or through management changes, we take a different approach.

Arroyo’s team continuously monitors all client holdings. Our systems, developed over decades, help us identify and isolate markers of mutual funds that are on track to experience problems in the future. By identifying these funds quickly, we can take action to remove them from your portfolio and replace them with a better performing, similar fund.

Our system also includes:

Quarterly review and analysis of risk levels and returns in each mutual fund you hold.

Quarterly analysis and reporting showing how each fund’s performance compared to peers in the previous quarter.

Quarterly review of management of each fund including changes in investment managers, fees, operations and other factors.

Quarterly analysis of how each fund is meeting the requirements of its stated investment guidelines.

While many firms use a ‘set it and forget it’ approach with mutual funds or ETFs, we don’t agree. We believe these extra steps are vital to the long term preservation of your wealth.

A Strategy We Believe In

With many firms, you’re recommended certain investments, but your advisors put their own money elsewhere.

Not here.  Arroyo’s own resources are invested alongside our clients, in the same portfolios.

We have skin in the game. Our profits rise and fall along with yours.

Keeping You Informed

Along with our internal work monitoring your assets, we also realize the importance of keeping you fully informed:

We’ll schedule quarterly meetings with you to review your investments, your financial plan, and to address any changes or obstacles.

We provide independently verified results so you know exactly how well we are managing your money.

We are always available to you by email, phone or in-person at our offices.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning for Your Best Future

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Financial planning is the road map to your future. It’s a process that helps you get clear on where you want to go. Then we’ll work together to create a plan for you to get there.

Today, financial planning is even more important as life expectancies continue to increase. Some of us may spend more years in retirement than we originally spent working. So now more than ever, comprehensive planning is needed to make sure your money lasts as long as you do.

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals will help you create and implement a plan to achieve your goals.

The plan will also include accounting for the unexpected, since life is not always predictable.

Helping To Navigate Life’s Transitions and Obstacles

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With Arroyo, we’re here to help you through life’s transitions and obstacles. Our goal is to help you preserve and protect your assets as well as grow them. We’ve helped our clients through divorces, death of a loved one, business or economic downturns, legal issues and many other challenging situations.

Our goal is to provide you the support and advice when you need it, so that you can move forward with confidence.

Keeping You Accountable to Yourself


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Along with helping you through life’s obstacles and transitions, we’re also here to help you achieve your dreams. After all, a plan that sits on a shelf is not going to mean much. To help you achieve what’s really important to you, we’re here to help keep you accountable to yourself.

Once we work together to put your plan in place, you’ll have a clear set of steps needed to reach your goals. We’ll review it frequently with you to make sure you are staying on track. If you fall behind, we’ll work with you to find a workaround or the best way to move forward.

Whatever your goals require, our team is always here when you need us….just a phone call or email away.

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