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Why Accountability May Be the Missing Key to Reaching Financial Independence

Why Accountability is the Missing Key to Reaching Financial Independence

How do you achieve financial independence? Discipline is critical, but turns out there’s one other component that can be even more powerful.

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Is it Finally Time to Hold Wealth Managers Accountable?

hold wealth managers accountable

When your money is at stake, just assuming things will continue to go well is not enough.  Learn how GIPS(r) can help you keep wealth managers accountable for their results.

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Switching Financial Advisors: When, Why and How to Do It Right

switching financial advisors pasadena ca

Breaking up is hard to do…but you have to do it carefully when your money is involved. Learn the when, how and why of switching financial advisors.

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Financial Planning: 5 Reasons a Health Savings Account Is a Great Investment Vehicle

financial planning health savings account

When it comes to financial planning, there is much more to health savings accounts than simply controlling health care costs.  Here are five reasons an HSA could be a valuable part of your investment portfolio.

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Wealth Management: Do You Need a Second Opinion?

wealth management second opinion

If you’ve got a big health decision to make, you usually get a second opinion. If it’s standard practice for your physical health, shouldn’t that concept also apply to your financial health?

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Managing Your Investments: How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity

investing opportunity

So far, 2020 has been an eventful year in the stock market. But fortunately, when uncertainty and volatility arrive, opportunity always comes along with it—if you’re prepared to act.

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Can a GIPS® Compliant Financial Advisor Help You Invest with Less Stress?

gips financial advisor invest with less stress

It’s been a wild ride in the stock market lately. Learn how a GIPS compliant financial advisor might be just what you need to invest with less stress.

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Why Don’t More Financial Advisors Share Their Investing Track Records?

financial advisor track record

Investment performance results are easy to quantify, so why don’t most financial advisors share their investing track record? Learn more about this question and how you can evaluate a potential advisor’s investing skill and experience.

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Should You Use A Financial Advisor Or Manage Your Own Investments?

should you use a financial advisor

Is paying a financial advisor worth the cost? Sometimes yes, other times, no. Find out when its smartest to do it yourself, and when it’s best to work with a professional.

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Can Your Financial Plan Handle an Early Retirement?

financial planning for early retirement

There are significant challenges in today’s economic climate to retiring early. Learn action steps you can take to make it a reality.

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