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Why Don’t More Financial Advisors Share Their Investing Track Records?

financial advisor track record

Investment performance results are easy to quantify, so why don’t most financial advisors share their investing track record? Learn more about this question and how you can evaluate a potential advisor’s investing skill and experience.

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Financial Planning: 5 Reasons a Health Savings Account Is a Great Investment Vehicle

financial planning health savings account

When it comes to financial planning, there is much more to health savings accounts than simply controlling health care costs.  Here are five reasons an HSA could be a valuable part of your investment portfolio.

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Wealth Management: The Critical Importance of the Independent Custodian

wealth management custodian pasadena ca

When you hire a financial advisor, it’s critical that you choose someone who uses an independent, substantial custodian. Learn what you need to know about investment custodians to help keep your money safe.

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Financial Planning: Why You Just Can’t Focus On Investing Alone

los angeles financial advisor

Consistent investment results are critical for your long term financial health. However, no matter how strong your returns, there’s another critical part of the equation that may not get as much attention as it should: your spending.

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Switching Financial Advisors: When, Why and How to Do It Right

switching financial advisors pasadena ca

Breaking up is hard to do…but you have to do it carefully when your money is involved. Learn the when, how and why of switching financial advisors.

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How Wealth Management Helps You Avoid Financial Regrets

avoid financial mistakes with wealth management pasadena ca

Most everyone has made financial mistakes at one time or another that we’ve later regretted.  Fortunately we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move forward.  But what if we could have prevented that mistake in the first place?

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Financial Planning: Four Easy Ways to Use Automation to Improve Your Finances

automation to improve your finances pasadena ca

Financial planning is a complex topic, with many aspects of it best tackled with a professional by your side. However, there are also many simple but powerful things you can do yourself to improve your financial situation quite dramatically. Learn four in this article.

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Los Angeles Financial Advisor Arroyo Releases Latest GIPS® Compliant Investment Results

los angeles financial advisor

Arroyo Investment Group, a Pasadena-based financial advisor (Los Angeles) announces its Q1 investment results.

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Financial Advisors and Financial Planners: What Should You Expect?

financial advisors and financial planners

Over a third of Americans don’t understand what financial advisors do. This puts you at a distinct disadvantage when you hire one. How do you know what to expect? Learn how to make sure you get what you are paying for.

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Business Owners: What Can a Financial Advisor Do For You?

financial advisors for business owners pasadena ca

As a business owner, you’re comfortable with risk. While it’s great for your business, it can put you at risk personally. Learn how a financial advisor can help you protect your personal financial future as well as that of your business.

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