Pasadena Financial Advisor Arroyo Investment Group Celebrates 10 Years of GIPS® Compliant Investment Results

GIPS® compliant investment

Ten years of generating GIPS® independently verified investment results

At Pasadena financial advisor Arroyo Investment Group, we’re celebrating a significant milestone.

“At Arroyo Investment Group, we believe in our investment strategies. We also believe you deserve complete transparency. With our independently verified results, you know exactly how good a job we are doing for you at all times”, John Odell, the firm’s chief investment officer, said.  “This is quite different from the vast majority of financial advisors to individuals who don’t provide independently verified results”.

“We are extremely proud of our investment results.  Each of our model portfolios has outperformed their appropriate benchmark during the past five years (net of any and all fees).  Also, eleven out of twelve have outperformed their appropriate benchmark net of any and all fees since inception. And with each model, these returns have been attained with less risk than the benchmark during the past five years and since inception”.

In our business, outperformance with less risk is outstanding.  Most importantly, we have created an investment methodology that is repeatable. It is very important to us that we never have a year where we need to apologize for performance that greatly lags the appropriate benchmark.”

We’ve recently released our results for the period of Jan. 1, 2007 through Dec. 31, 2017.

Our results are independently verified, GIPS® compliant investment results, meaning the reports are prepared according to Global Investment Performance Standards, which are maintained by the CFA Institute.  Then, the results are independently verified by a third party.  Although this is considered an industry best practice, few advisors to individuals comply with these standards. According to the CFA Institute, as of February, 2017, only about 1,600 firms worldwide claimed compliance with GIPS® standards.  Most of these firms provide service to corporations and institutions, not individuals.

Learn more about GIPS® standards here.



Arroyo Investment Group is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm based in Southern California but serving investors nationwide.

Arroyo Investment Group, LLC claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Arroyo Investment Group, LLC is an independent registered investment adviser. For a compliant presentation and/or a list of composite descriptions, please email, call (626) 844-1441 or view them on the Arroyo Investment Group website.