Los Angeles Financial Advisor Arroyo Releases Latest GIPS® Compliant Investment Results

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Arroyo Investment Group is a financial planning and investment management firm based in Los Angeles, California (Pasadena), but serving investors nationwide.  We’ve recently released our GIPS® independently verified investment results for the first quarter of 2018.

Few firms that provide investment management and financial planning to individuals provide GIPS® compliant results. However, Arroyo Investment Group is committed to transparency. “By providing our clients with independently verified results, they know exactly how good a job we are doing for them at all times”, John Odell, the firm’s chief investment officer, said. “That transparency is important to investors, so we’re proud to provide it.”

What are GIPS® compliant investment results?

GIPS® stands for “Global Investment Performance Standards”. GIPS® compliant investment results are prepared according to Global Investment Performance Standards, which are maintained by the CFA Institute. Then, the results are independently verified by a third party.

How widely is GIPS® used?

Although this is considered an industry best practice, few advisors to individuals choose to comply with these standards. According to the CFA Institute, as of February, 2017, only about 1,600 firms worldwide claimed compliance with GIPS® standards. Most of these firms provide service to corporations and institutions, not individuals.

What does GIPs® do for investors?

Individual investors can use GIPS® to compare “apples to apples”. Without standards like GIPS®, you can’t be exactly sure how to compare investment results by different firms. With so much riding on your retirement investing, GIPS® is a way to make sure you have the information you need to make decisions.

You can review our results on our website at https://arroyoinvestmentgroup.com/our-track-record/.

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Arroyo Investment Group is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm based in Pasadena, California but serving investors nationwide.

Arroyo Investment Group, LLC claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Arroyo Investment Group, LLC is an independent registered financial advisor Los Angeles. For a compliant presentation and/or a list of composite descriptions, please email info@arroyoinvestmentgroup.com, call (626) 844-1441 or view them on the Arroyo Investment Group website.